District Organization

The Whitney Fire Protection District is a tax district created pursuant to Idaho Code, Title 31 Counties and County Law, Chapter 14 Fire Protection Districts. The District is responsible for the protection of property against fire and the preservation of life and for the enforcement of any of the fire codes or other rules adopted by the Idaho State Fire Marshal.  The Whitney Fire Protection District was established in 1947 by a vote of the people living within the boundaries of the proposed district. A three member elected Board of Fire Commissioners governs the District. The Commissioners each represent a sub-district and serve a four year term with the terms being staggered. The District encompasses approximately 18 square miles in Ada County with the majority of the area within the Boise City Area of Impact and is predominantly residential. The District serves approximately 21,500 people.

The District has contracted with the Boise City Fire Department for all operational services, some fire prevention and logistical services since 2001.  The Whitney Fire Chief provides contract administration between the District and the Boise City Fire Department. The District owns one fire station located at 3801 South Cole Road and maintains a fleet of two fire engines, one water tender and a staff car. The District station and fire engines are staffed by Boise City Fire Department personnel per the contract agreement. 

The primary source of revenue for the District is from property taxes, with some state sales tax and interest income. The taxable value of the District in 2017 is $1,678,716,246.00.